L Razor drops all-female rhythm

September 14, 2016
L Razor

United States-based Jamaican producer/artiste L Razor of Straight Hit Records, has released an all-female rhythm from his production house.

The dancehall project called the Shanti Rhythm, features artistes such as Macka Diamond, Tiana, Candiesha, Sekklez, Beme Mystique, Trudiva, Semonita, and Rhythm Piink.

Shanti will be officially released September 16, 2016, and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Xbox, Spotify, and all digital outlets for purchases and is distributed by VPAL music.

"This project has such a high expectation on it because of all the hard work it took to get eight great hard-working female artiste, on it. The last time someone did this was from Payday music couple years ago, and from that the females have been fighting for their place in the male-dominant industry. That is why I decided to put a stop to it and put the ladies on the forefront of dancehall so the industry can be balanced properly," said L Razor.

L Razor said the marketing plan is going to be super, with the help of VPAL music as each artiste has their own fans and supporters.

"Not only that but this rhythm compilation is set to drop with two medley video of all the artiste showcasing their song. One medley was shot in New York City by Straight Hits films and is being edited by Tinman from Swag TV. The other will be shot in Jamaica," he said.

Straight Hits Records is currently working on numerous of projects. They will be releasing some exclusive singles and music videos from artistes such as Boom Steppa; Bounty Killer's nephew, Advance; Trudiva; Candiesha, and L Razor himself.

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