Aidonia, Ele star at US show

October 07, 2016
Elephant Man

The Sportsmen's Athletic Club in Hartford, Connecticut, was the venue for the recent staging of the After Summer Wave stage show.

The event, which featured explosive performances from Aidonia and Elephant Man, brought the curtain down on the summer concert series in Connecticut.

"It was a great event. The crowd came out, the artistes delivered, and the vibes was just good," said street promoter Andrew Powell of Stampede Street Charts, who was stage manager for the event.

Aidonia hasn't been to Connecticut in a very long time, and the fans showed him a lot of love. He reeled out his extensive hit list, featuring Tip Pon Yuh Toe, Fi Di Jockey, Run Road, Brucki, Nuh Boring Gal and Dat a Di Ting.

Elephant Man was also a hit as he ran through hits from yesteryear, which kept patrons in a dancing mood.

Females in heels could be seen attempting the Pon Di River Pon Di Bank, Gangster Rock, Signal Di Plane, Blase and Dip Again, among others.

Hosted by deejay Kirky D, the After Summer Wave was promoted by the experienced Youngtar Records. The company is known for promoting events including Reggae by the Lake and 12 to 12.

"Our fans requested an event for the summer, knowing we at Youngstar Records are always dropping events that create a big buzz which leave people talking. We are happy things worked out well," a representative said.

Their next major event is the December 24 staging of Hennessey Black Dress and Black Tie Affair: Backle Pon Backle edition, which will be held in Hartford.

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