Little Thunder Music Group goes into production

November 15, 2016
Scroogie from Little Thunder Music Group. The group recently released the 'Scroogie Tropics' rhythm.

Canada-based Little Thunder Music group recently stepped into the world of production with the release of the 'Scroogie Tropics' rhythm.

Scroogie, from renowned Little Thunder Sound System, is associated with the production label Little Thunder Music.

The 'Scroogie Tropics' rhythm is a compilation of some of the finest reggae and dancehall artistes, and features artistes such as Kaisha Lee, Lukie D, Lutan Fyah, Turbulence, Sizzla, and Montreal's rising songstress Kayla Allen.

With a smooth, yet modernised reggae rhythm, the artistes speak on a range of topics like culture, love life's struggles and how they may be overcome.

"This album was influenced by the realities of life and seeks to provide vicarious experiences, peace of mind, and hope for others. The album will be distributed by VPAL, and will available on all major digital platforms and can be streamed on Spotify," said Estate Recording Studio Music's Demone Gustavus.

Scroogie from Little Thunder has been in music from as early as 13 years old with his professional career taking off about 16 years ago. As one of the founders and owners of Little Thunder Sound System, Scroogie and the other members of the group, Don and Johno, are helping to spread reggae and dancehall in Montreal, Canada.

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