Sayles tries a different sound on new single

November 16, 2016
Carey Sayles

Gospel singer Carey Sayles said he and wife Sharilyn, also his singing partner, had to step out of their comfort zone for their latest song called We Worship You.

The song, from their album If I Be Lifted Up, is a departure from their more traditional tracks like Blessed and Highly Favoured, Wonderful Merciful and What a God. Sayles admitted their comfort zone is with ballads, praise and worship and inspirational songs. But he said this one is more of a high-tempo single. He said the song was given to him by his producer Dwayne “Wiya” Campbell Fletcher. 

“He came up with the idea for the song and asked me to write the verses for the song,” Sayles recalled. “He wanted a fun-loving worship vibe, something that someone in their house could be working and doing house work but give praise to God at the same time.” A video for the song that was released just over a week ago has been posted on YouTube.



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