'Get your permits' - JCF urges party promoters

December 07, 2016
Patrons light it up at a recent party in the Corporate Area.
Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is urging party promoters to get the relevant permits before hosting events.

Head of the JCF's Corporate Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, said party promoters will be prosecuted if they do not abide by the laws and regulations that govern events in the country.

Lindsay explained that organisers need to submit their applications for a permit at least 10 days prior to the event.

She said the request should be made to the superintendent or the senior police officer in charge of the parish/division in which the event is being held.

"Before the permit is granted, you need to provide the officer with accurate information about the type of event, the nature of the event, who your target group is and the number of people that is expected to be in attendance," she explained.

Lindsay pointed out that promoters must have all the special permits as stated by law, including from the Jamaica Fire Brigade, the Jamaica Music Society, and a spirits licence.

"All these things will have to be presented to the superintendent before he or she can grant the permit. In the case of Kingston and St Andrew, there is the KSAC permit that is given at the parish council," she noted.

She explained that the officer has seven days to assess the documents, inspect the venue and advise whether the permit will be granted.

Lindsay said handing in all the documents does not guarantee you will get the permit.

If the permit is not granted, promoters can appeal within seven days after refusal to the Commissioner of Police, outlining the reason for the appeal.

She advised promoters not to wait until the last minute to apply, but should give themselves enough time in case they need to make an appeal.

Promoters are also urged to abide by the provisions of the Noise Abatement Act.

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