'Beenie Man a mi general' ... Kantana denies rift with mentor

January 09, 2017
Moses Davis, aka Beenie Man.

Dancehall artiste Kantana is silencing his critics, who he believes started rumours that he has severed ties with his mentor Beenie Man.

This follows a string of appearances during Beenie Man's live performances.

The most recent performance came on Saturday night during the Magnum Live Concert held at Sabina Park.

Kantana was one of three performers including Style X and Little D, called to the stage by the self-proclaimed 'King of the Dancehall'.

Kantana has also denied rumours that he has severed ties with MD Entertainment, and had inked a new management contract with a new organisation.


These rumours


"Beenie Man ah mi general! I don't know how these rumours got started. Loyalty mi seh. A years me and Beenie Man a par, travel the world with him," he said.

Kantana noted he was very busy with 'The Doctor' over the Christmas holidays.

"Him call mi up on GT Taylor Xtravaganza Show, Chug It, 'Waterfront, Downtown Kingston: New Year Celebration', and many other shows. So I don't know how these rumours got started," Kantana told THE STAR.

The young deejay has professionally been a member of Beenie Man's camp since 2010.

He believes that the rumours may have been triggered in the wake of the release of his new mixtape called Touch Di Road.

The mixtape features 14 songs, several of which Kantana wrote and produced himself.

"I took some time out to do some work on brand Kantana so maybe some unscrupulous people add one and one and get 11, LOL," he said.


Public appearances


He told THE STAR that he will be releasing singles from the mixtape and shoot music videos for Still A Try and Touch Di Road later this month.

Kantana said having taken the time out to work on his mixtape, he has not been able to make public appearances with Beenie Man over the last 12 months.

However, he is waiting on the 2017 itinerary and that the year has started well for him. He is expecting to 'touch di road' with Beenie Man on several overseas engagements.

He has also been buzzing with songs like People and Head a Bunx.

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