New Kartel track said to take aim at Alkaline

January 23, 2017
Vybz Kartel

The feud between dancehall artistes Alkaline and Popcaan seems to be heating up with the addition of a third participant.

On the weekend, a preview of a new track from incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel was released, and although there was no official indication as to who the track was aimed at, social media users drew their own conclusions.

Based on the lyrics from the song, many believed it to be Kartel's contribution to the Alkaline/Popcaan feud and are already anticipating the song's official release.




Whoever the song was aimed at, though, Kartel held nothing back as he refers to the individual as 'big and fool-fool'.

"You know dem boy deh weh big and fool-fool from dem a go a skool, never bruk a rule, never bruk a fight, never bun a spliff, snitch inna di class everybody hate, never #*** a gyal till him graduate," he deejays.

"Get a likkle hype make a likkle food, buy a couple tool give to couple fool, dat nuh make yuh bad, yuh a still a nerd, knock yuh wid di mag so di stingaz work," he continues.

The excerpt lasted only but a few seconds, but Gaza fans were more than certain that in comparison to Alkaline's dis tracks so far, Vybz Kartel has taken the lead in the lyrical war.

"Addi mi daddy, dem bwoy deh not even inna yo slippas," one user posted.

"Gaza man at dem again. Badness kill di blind bwoy," another commented.

But while the Gaza fans were happy that Kartel came out and contributed to the lyrical showdown involving Alkaline and his protÈgÈ, Popcaan, many were disappointed that the 'Unruly Boss' did not handle business himself, declaring him unfit for clash challenges.

"Teach di blind bwoy bout real badness deh Addi. Di bwoy Papi a punk," one user commented.

"Kartel always a defend him students dem. A Poppy make Kartel did start dis back Mavado. Boi, Kartel in a prison and dem deh a road and a dem fi ansa and they are not," another posted.

The song, which has not been titled yet, was produced by TJ Records.

When contacted by THE STAR, however, the song's producer refused to comment on whether the track was directed at Alkaline but revealed that the full song would be released in short order.

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