Jamaicans now soca-crazy - Trini DJs

April 20, 2017
Hypeman from Nuphoric out of Trinidad & Tobago energises the crowd at Bacchanal Fridays.

Trinidadian disc jockey Patrick 'Hype Man' Alexis from Nuphoric says carnival is getting bigger and better in Jamaica and that 2017 represents the start of a major music revolution in the dancehall-drenched country.

"For a country that doesn't produce soca, it is now on the rise, with St Lucia a distant second," Alexis said.

Heineken recently partnered with Alexis of Nuphoric and Dane 'Lord Hype' Ottley to headline a series of events during the carnival season in Jamaica.




"This is the year, the start of a revolution. I'm so anxious to see how this year is going to go down," Alexis told THE STAR. "It's so interesting now that in 2017, Jamaican carnival is the most anticipated carnival of the year. Now, it's gotten to the point where Trinidadian bands are joining forces to support Jamaican carnival," he said.

The Government has already taken steps to have a coordinated approach to activities in Jamaica. Four carnival brands Bacchanal Jamaica, Xodus, Jamaica Carnival, and Xaymaca have lined up to give Jamaicans a stellar experience this season.

"For those people that didn't get to go to Trinidad and Tobago carnival, the fact that we have four carnivals on the road, they get a taste," Alexis said.

He recalled a time when disc jockeys had to use mixtapes to get new soca songs out to fans. "But now, you have an up-to-the-time Jamaica, so it's no longer a place where we have to bring it. They crave it," he told THE STAR.

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