Don Yute sticks with CDs

June 26, 2017
Don Yute
Don Yute
Don Yute

Twenty years ago, Don Yute and Sean Paul debuted as performers on Sting '97, and in that year, Don Yute released his debut album. Now Don Yute is releasing the album 'Nexx Phase', distributed by own Golden Child Music Group.

Don Yute said that the album has been in the works for three years. He has opted to stick to distribution methods tried and true. "Yeah, CDs are obsolete, but I have a strong fan base. I just walk with my own. I just have a vibe where when [people] buy a T-shirt, then they get a whole album," Don Yute told The STAR.

"Online is a joke just look at what Taylor Swift and Pharrell have to go through fi get a likkle supn from download. Shows and dem ting deh is what we do. I'll just gwan do the shows and ting dem. You have to make yuh money that way," Don Yute said.


Million views


Still, the artiste plans to release his music online next month. "Going viral is great but it's not like it mean that everything good. For a million views, you get US$1,000 on YouTube. I just do it so I don't leave out nothing and that's the edge that I have," he said.

The album features Spragga Benz on Keep Up, Pitbull on Uh Oh, and Karlito Graffix on Cut The Cheque, which has a video available on YouTube.

"From them started out, we been working with one another. Before Akon sign, Akon is my brejin," Don Yute told The STAR. "Is just through music we live. They help a lot in my career."

Don Yute's career took off in the 1990s after a successful collaboration with Wayne Wonder on Sensi Ride. He also gained popularity from some of his own singles in Jamaica. Among those are Gal It Wouldn't Easy, You Own Di Man, La La La, Living the Dream and Golden Child.

Don Yute's perspective on the development of his career was always individualistic. He told The STAR that while other artistes went to studios and hung around producers to get their big break a juggling riddim, he began his career booking on his own studio time. "After that, when I start roll with Spragga, I start seeing what it is to get on a riddim. Man never wah voice me because them think me uptown and rich, ah book own studio and whatever. But now, it nuh matter. Making money is what's in," Don Yute said.

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