Pamputtae tries something new - Fans not reacting to new 'culture' single

May 14, 2018

Dancehall artiste Pamputtae has decided to switch things up for one of her latest singles. In the song called 'Stop It', the usually raunchy Pamputtae dials things back to deliver a touching message regarding violence against women. However, despite its positive energy and the powerful message, Pamputtae is disappointed that the song isn't getting the attention she believes it deserves.

Speaking with the STAR recently, the entertainer expressed that fans have always been reaching out to her, requesting that she tries something different as it relates to her songs. She said after contemplating it, she decided the fans were right, and she needed to step out of her comfort zone and give the people some positive vibrations.

"Everybody used to Pamputtae saying certain things and singing certain songs. Dem ever a done me say a pure slack songs me sing. So, me decide fi do things a little differently and give people a different message, show dem a different side," she said. "This song is a culture song. It wah sound like a Queen Ifrica; it have a Etana, culture vibes, but people nah recognise it. Is like the people dem bash slackness but when you put out a good song wid a good message, dem don't pay it no mind."

Pointing out that the song is very dear to her because of the issues it addresses, Pamputtae is encouraging the industry to throw their support behind the track. "People need fi recognise it; disc jockey dem need fi play it because it not only clean, but it's a reality song.




Everybody see say is a whole heap a violence a gwaan inna di country, especially towards women, and so as a woman me decide me need fi send a message to all the people who a hurt the women and make dem know dem need fi stop it," she said. "It's a brand new Pamputtae on this track. The song bad and it out there a good likkle while now and it nah get the strength weh it fi get. Dem always see the bad things about Pamputtae but dem never see the good. People need fi see dis and acknowledge it and talk bout it."

The song was produced by Buck Town Records, and was officially released last year. Pamputtae said that despite the limited attention the song has been receiving, she is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. As part of her plans to continue promoting the track, the deejay said she will be shooting a music video for the track soon, and hopes the visuals will go a far way in getting the song the recognition it deserves.

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