Tariq St Patrick seeks Jamaican citizenship

July 30, 2018
@Normal:Michael Rainey Jr, more popularly known through his on screen character, Tariq St Patrick

Michael Rainey Jr, more popularly known through his on-screen character Tariq St Patrick, has long declared his love for Jamaica. In fact, when the star of 'Power' visited the island earlier this month, he referred to Jamaica as his first home pointing out that he has a special place in his heart for the black, green and gold.

During that interview with THE STAR, Rainey's mother, Shauna revealed that the actor had begun the process to get his Jamaican passport and Citizenship by descent. She said her son's love affair with Jamaica gives her a great feeling, especially since most of his family is of Jamaican descent. She said his trip had been all about connecting with his roots and that the actor had been having the time of his life.

"He has been having so much fun, he doesn't wanna leave. He's already talking about coming back for DREAM Weekend and his birthday," she said. "It's so nice, and for him (to be getting his citizenship), since he tells everyone he's from Jamaica - Kingston 6 and Portland. Getting it would definitely mean a lot to him. For me, it's also great because my whole family is Jamaican, and so it would also be nice for him to join everyone officially, on paper."

Rainey Jr, who is back in the United States, visited the Jamaican Consulate in New York last week, where he put in his application for his passport and citizenship. He posted a photo of him and Consul General Trudy Dean on his social media accounts, with this message: "Went to the Jamaican Consulate to apply for my Jamaican citizenship and passport, don't tell me I'm not Jamaican. Thanks Consul General Trudy Dean. If you're Jamaican your child can be a Jamaican, citizen too."

Rainey Jr, who had been seen partying at Mojito Mondays and Uptown Mondays during his visit, plans to host a birthday party on the island in September. He turns 18 on September 22.

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