Pamputtae puts faith in 'Single Mothers'

August 20, 2018
Pamputtae in single mother mode.
Pamputtae and her sons Jahzere Henry (left) and Kavon Smith.

Dancehall artiste Pamputtae is known for her raunchy, hardcore dancehall tracks. However, a few months ago, the entertainer decided she would try a different approach to her music. Pamputtae, who often laments that listeners only pay attention to her raunchier side,has been experimenting with her softer, more reggae-focused side as a performer and believes she has finally found the record that will allow her to get her foot through the doors of the international market.

Single Mothers is an ode to 'women across the globe who are raising children on their own. It caught the attention of US rapper, Foxy Brown, who reposted a snippet of the track to her Instagram page last week. Foxy Brown referred to Pamputtae's track as a 'big chune', sharing it with her almost 400,000 followers.

An elated Pamputtae told The STAR that Foxy Brown's endorsement is testament to the song's international appeal. "All who nuh know Pamputtae globally a go know her now through this song. This song is touching so many people. It's a topic most women around the world can relate to and it's going places ," she said. "Foxy Brown only follow two people pan social media so is not like she know bout Pamputtae or anything and from Foxy Brown repost it and say it bad you know say the song have a pull. Remember say Pamputtae nuh international yet innu, and fi somebody like she take my song and repost it, you know it a go create a big impact."




Pamputtae, who is a single mother herself, told the STAR that at one point in her life things got so difficult for her that she contemplated suicide as the burden of raising two boys became overwhelming. She said she was encouraged not to give up and wants to do the same for other women raising their children solo. "Single mothers out deh more than police, more than politicians, more than even Christians. A nuff struggle we struggle and only we know all the things weh we face. Me just wah encourage somebody to keep pushing through no matter what. A nuff single mothers out there a hold it and this song a big dem up and a tell dem continue fight the fight," Pamputtae said.

The entertainer says she is still toying with ideas for the official music video. She says the music video would be a touching tribute to all women who have been through struggles as they raise their children without fathers. The song was produced by Wopen Door Records.

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