Good music promised when Keesing LIVE! returns

August 22, 2018
George Nooks

After almost a two-year hiatus, the popular concert series Keesing LIVE! makes its long-anticipated return on Saturday, September 29.

Alternative Music Ltd (AML), the creators of Keesing LIVE!, have decided to bring back the show as they have been overwhelmed with requests from patrons who want the live music experience to refresh the music scene once more.

Keesing LIVE! was launched in 2013 at its headquarters located at 5 Keesing Avenue, St Andrew, with the aim of promoting and preserving good, clean, live music in pleasant, safe and relaxed surroundings. While the music is not limited to reggae, the genre is the underlying pulse of the Keesing LIVE! experience.

The show also offers visitors a positive musical experience as tourists are often caught soaking up the music at the live shows. The line-up for the September 29 staging will include the likes of singer George Nooks, Jamaican boy band '8', Demontague, and others. Fae Ellington is expected to be the host on show night.

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