Police didn't criticise 'fully dunce' ... Cops have no issue with slang linked to Rygin King

September 18, 2018
Anthony Minott Rygin King
Rygin King

Police didn't

criticise 'fully dunce'

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has denied issuing any statements raising concerns over a slang being popularised by popular deejay Rygin King and his Fully Dunce crew.

This, after a statement being circulated on social media alleged that law enforcers were disturbed at the meaning behind the slang.

The statement said the slang 'fully dunce' is being used by criminal elements to justify violent acts pointing out that as 'dunce' individuals, they act without reasoning as they do not know any better.

"The police are raising concern about a trend that is said to be emerging in some inner-city communities, involving youngsters widely using a set of new slang to praise individuals who display dark and deviant behaviour, and who openly promote that they are fully illiterate and therefore lack all forms of normal reasoning," a part of the statement read.

Other quotes allegedly coming from the police in the statement are that while some members of the public may brush the use of the slang aside and label it a non-issue, members of the police force have to deal with criminal elements on a daily basis, who believe their actions are justified because they are 'fully dunce'.

However, when THE STAR contacted the Corporate Communications Unit of the JCF, they informed our news team that no statements were issued by the police.

The unit also expressed that it was unaware of any such statements being circulated in the public and said that checks with the Police High Command showed no official word was given regarding the 'fully dunce' slang.

The unit also expressed that if the matter continues to gain attention, it would be forced to issue a statement distancing itself from any other statement being broadcast on the Internet.

THE STAR also contacted Rygin King's team, who said that while they were aware of the statement being circulated on social media, they were not in a position to give a statement regarding such at this time.

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