Mavado stirs Gully, Gaza fans over Sting clash

September 30, 2019
Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

Fans of dancehall hea vyweights Mavado and Vybz Kartel have long had a contentious relationship, and recent posts by the 'Gullygad' Mavado have stirred tensions between Kartel's Gaza supporters and those of the Gully, about which star shines brighter.

In two flashback posts, Mavado shared clips of the lyrical showdown at the Sting stageshow in 2008 with Vybz Kartel. The videos show the last few minutes of their clash at the Jamworld Entertainment Centre in St Catherine, after Kartel reaped boos from the growingly discontented crowd when he claimed to have slept with Mavado's mother. Responding to "The Bleacher Boy," Mavado dropped a line involving Kartel's mother, before exiting the stage. Though he resurfaces for another abrupt round, the men eventually leave the stage, with no real winner declared.

Though Kartel claimed victory in his 2009 track, Last Man Standing, Mavado is crowning himself champion.

"Dem know who's the real deal, Gullygad, no joke about it, flammable," Mavado said. "To all the fans that were there in 2008, bless up. Sting will never be the same without the war machine. Gullygad legendary," his post read.

Whether it was a throwback post or self-recommendation, Mavado was roasted all weekend.

"Since when is it okay to post your own funeral?" Lawrence JC2 asked.

"Vybz Kartel kill yuh ah Sting, yuh run. A memorial fi yuhself yah keep?" commented Omarie Fury.

The trolling continued after Mavado uploaded a photo of a pair of Nike shoes, stating, "Someone stole my shoes and I want it back ok. This shoes here is a part of history, it was when Nike first recognised dancehall music and how great I am, so I want it back."

At this point, Adrian McKenzie had had enough.

"Kmt, bout how great I am. Nigga, you're not great, Kartel is great. From yesterday yah post bare (expletive), enuh."

Carl Fran added: "Check Jamworld Sting when you run from the king Kartel."

No real winner

Co-director of the now defunct Sting, Junior 'Heavy D' Fraser, was also the referee on stage between the acts. Recalling the much debated moment in dancehall, Heavy D says there was no real winner.

"At the end of the day, to how the clash end up, nobody nuh win," he told The STAR. "From my standpoint inna di middle, me woulda give Kartel the advantage but it's not a big advantage. Him did a lead easy most of the time, until him use the mother song, then it start go down little bit. Mi nah give it one person totally, but if mi did haffi choose who had the edge, it would be Kartel."

He added that the format of the event made the crowd the judge.

"Sting is a mutual ground and a lot of people don't know that. When you come on the stage, the promoters nah tek sides with nobody. If yuh go up deh go lose, yuh lose, a di crowd decide."

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