Candy needs a ‘wow’

May 01, 2020
Candy Baddy
Candy Baddy

In July 2019, she burst on to the entertainment scene with a slang that captivated the entire Jamaica. At the time, it was near impossible to scroll through social media or walk the streets without someone using the 'Can I get a wow' phrase, which was popularised by Candy Baddy.

With her popularity growing, Candy, whose given name is Kerisha Brandon, spoke of plans to start her clothing line, a confectionery business and a music career. But those appear to be stuck in the pipeline as not much has been heard of this senation, well, until last week when a video surfaced showing her appering to be living in shambles.

A video has been making the rounds that shows Candy surrounded by pots and pans and seemingly in destitution. Contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR, Candy says has been facing some difficult times but she is neither homeless or crazy.

"Mi did kinda depress but me nuh homeless. I'm in Old Harbour. Me nuh comfortable because things weh me fi have me nuh have, but di haters dem only want me go down and God say me nuh fi go down," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Candy told THE WEEKEND STAR that she hardly benefited from the fruits of her labour during the says that she ruled the roost as a sensation who captured the imagination of Jamaicans from all walks of life.

Bad energy

"Dem did a use me but chu me ketch up pan dem, dem a try do wah dem can do; war and send out dem bad energy. What me need me never get because everybody come nyam me out so right now me nuh have nothing, me mawga out, suck out, dry out. Me affi go start from bottom again," she said.

Still, while she has been forced to now pick up the pieces of her life, Candy Baddy believes she will rise again as she possesses undeniable star quality.

"It can happen innu because me a star. Me trust God and live, and me have some people round me weh a help me," she said.

Candy Baddy is now being managed by Nigel Blair, aka Selecta Biggz, and Michael McKenzie, aka Baggy Bowz .

"Me have me tune dem innu and me have a new one fi drop anytime now. Me still a push the career cause Wow can't go down like, this."

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