Renee 6:30 targeting regional music markets

July 31, 2020
Renee 6:30
Renee 6:30

Still riding off what many dubbed as a career-changing collaboration with Vybz Kartel, Renee 6:30 is looking to expand her musical reach.

Setting her targets on the regional market, the entertainer has collaborated with Guadeloupean reggae dancehall artiste Saik.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, Renee 6:30 said that it has always been her intention to gain popularity outside of Jamaica.

She said that although COVID-19 has slowed down the process to gaining regional and international attention, it has not stopped her plans.

"I never stopped working and making connections, and this new track is proof of that," she said. "I think despite everything that has happened in 2020, I am still doing great as far as music is concerned. I dropped a new music video for the song with Kartel, and I dropped a new single called Free and Single, and they've been doing well. When I said I was going to do great things for 2020, I meant it, and so I'm staying focused."

The entertainer says the new track, Show Me Your Love, will continue to show off her sultry side as she believes that is her niche.

"I am a versatile artiste, but I love doing sexy music and love music. That's what I'm about - love and sexiness," she sad. "This song is going to show that. It's going to have that sexy, romance vibe that I think people will love. Both men and women will appreciate it. I see a bright future for this song. I have very big expectations because I see this song blowing up big internationally and locally. Both Saik and I are hoping for that."

Saik told THE WEEKEND STAR, said it was a pleasure working with Renee 6:30.

He said that he is also looking to spread his wings in the regional market. He believes that tapping into the Jamaican music landscape with an artiste like Renee 6:30 could help him achieve just that.

"Working with Renee was a great experience. I love her work ethic. Her voice is beautiful. Even though I don't speak English that well, they (the artiste and her team) were very easy to work with. I love the song, and I know it's going to do well. If it is successful in Jamaica, Guadeloupe and the rest of the region will love it," he said.

social media following

Renee 6:30 says that with a number of new singles now under her belt, she is ready to hit the road once more. Still, she understands that although things are slowly returning to normal in the entertainment industry across the globe, it may not be until 2021 before she can promote her songs on a stage. So for now, the artiste, like many others, will be tapping into her social media following.

"It has been working well for us, and so we will continue using that space," she said.

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