Zum looks to change game with more female artistes

September 16, 2020
Producer Zum
Producer Zum

Decade-old record label Good Good Production is employing a strategy that some persons in the dancehall music industry would habitually avoid - working with female artistes and placing deliberate emphasis on their projects.

Evan Powell, better known by the alias Zum, the leadman of the record label, says the approach has a lot to do with the reaction received in the public space.

"Most producers avoid working with females because while they're super talents, they tend not to get the push -- instead of forward, the females get pushed back - I want to make a difference," the producer said.

He continued: "Probably it's just that I'm good with females, but there's no secret strategy; it has to come naturally, and I am a chilled person. I work with everybody, male or female, and if there's an issue, for example, an artiste getting irate for whatever reason, my response is usually to just sit back, wait a few and I'll say, 'Alright, you finish?' then it's back to work."

Breakthrough single

Though the breakthrough single for Good Good Production was with a male artiste, I'm Coming by Konshens, released in September 2012, the label has put out several strong tracks with female artistes over the years. The list includes Spice, D'Angel, Lanae, Shenseea, as well as their latest signees Denyque and Shaneil Muir.

"I would advise producers to start working with females more. There is so much talent out there. I am forming a female camp, that's what my focus is on right now and people will, well, most times what I do, they follow."

He, along with his team, which includes Sasha Bling of Bling Blang Productions, who deals with Denyque and Shaneil's management, have been actively promoting the Liquid Sunshine Rhythm on which the two artistes have a collaboration titled Same Guy. The rhythm also features Rebel, a track from Romeich Entertainment's sought-after singjay Shenseea.

Speaking about Same Guy and the recent signing of the artistes, Zum explained, "I wanted to do it for a long time, from 2016 when the two of them worked on Proud Wifey, but it wasn't the right time. My intentions are to build on both artistes' talents, starting from scratch. I want them to reach worldwid,e not only to be recognised and signed by an overseas company, because many times [when] this happens, nothing comes from it or the artiste is placed on the back burner. I want them to reach the world as influential Jamaican brands and change the whole industry."

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