‘GREATNESS IN THE MAKING’ - Holidaying Kanye West pays visit to Buju Banton

September 21, 2020
Kanye West
Kanye West
A screen grab from Kanye West’s Twitter page on Friday.
A screen grab from Kanye West’s Twitter page on Friday.
Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Social media lit up last Friday when American rapper Kanye West tweeted a photo with reggae superstar Buju Banton with the caption "GREATNESS IN THE MAKING".

The photograph, which was reportedly taken at Banton's Gargamel Studios in Kingston, included Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem 'Biggs' Burke.

"What happened was Kanye West and his friends came to Jamaica for a couple days for rest and relaxation, and on their way to the hotel (on the North Coast), they stopped by the studio for a visit," producer Donovan Germain told THE STAR.

Other images have since been circulated of West and his friends at Banton's studio. One of the photos has been posted by young rapper Saint JHN whose song, Roses, was dubbed by Rolling Stone as the 'song of the summer' .

Germain told THE STAR that a collaboration between American rapper Kanye West and Banton is not a completely new feat.

"They did a song from early up in the year - the song recorded a couple months ago - so right now, nothing musically is happening," Germain said. The Penthouse Records label owner and producer could not confirm a date that the supposed track would be released.

West was in Jamaica almost one year ago, when he hosted his Sunday service in New Kingston at the Emancipation Park.

In the meantime, the posting of the photo by Kanye West has led to several persons questioning whether the international artiste adhered to quarantine rules and other COVID-19 protocols.

West was not in quarantine

Contacted for comment, Dennis Brooks, senior communications strategist for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, said the fact that West was not in quarantine does not mean there were any breaches.

All residents of the United States of America who are travelling to Jamaica are required to obtain and upload a COVID-19 PCR test result for travel authorization approval. The date of the sample collection must be less than 10 days from the travel date to Jamaica.

"There are different methods of gaining approval; so he could have applied to come here on business, therefore testing would have been different. If he came here for four days to record an album or to get a beat from Buju Banton, then we could assume that would be a business trip," Brooks said.

"There are different regimes that are particular to the purpose of travel as well as the orders he would have signed to when he arrived," Brooks added. "Nonetheless, at this time, I am not aware of any breaches being made and from a constabulary perspective, we act quickly when there is a breach of the order, and as I stated before, it must be specific to the order they signed."

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