‘My fans are now my BFFs’ - Spice strengthens bond with supporters

December 14, 2020

Dancehall queen Spice says she feels as if she has been drawn even closer to her fans as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is wrecking havoc across the world.

"I have spent a lot more time with them this year, and we're closing out 2020 being closer than ever," the So Mi Like It deejay told THE STAR following her fan-inspired single, I Feel a Way, which was released last week.

The song was in response to an experience that Spice had at Walmart in the United States, where she felt discriminated against. Having shared the experience in an Instagram live, the artiste said she was urged by fans to put the unfortunate happenings in a song. Twenty-four hours later, I Feel a Way was released.

"I never thought people would take on to that one line so much, and I definitely wasn't planning on putting out a song, but the way they tagged me and said if they don't get a song they gonna feel a way, I had to do it," Spice said.

The live-wire entertainer, who penned the lyrics to I Feel a Way during a live session on Instagram, said songwriting is something that comes to her naturally. Her talent as well as Demarco's producing brilliance ensured that the song was completed within 24 hours.

"As soon as I linked him and say 24 hours, he was ready for the task. He's such a genius and I have mad love and respect for him . To be able to build a record with me and mix it within 24 hours was just superb," Spice said of the Fallen Soldiers artiste.

The Queen of Dancehall also had mad words for her loyal fans who she said she always wanted to give a peek into the way she goes about creating her musical masterpieces.

"I'm so happy they were a part of it and finally got to see me behind the scenes of how I put songs together. That was something I always wanted to do and so I really want to send a big thank you to the 13,400 people who joined me in the writing process. My fans are now my BFFs. There is definitely hope that I'll go live to write songs again because I see how much my fans enjoyed it, so I will always try to please my besties in whatever way," Spice said. "

"From now on I think I will be including them in everything and will take their advice on everything."

Having released yet another track that is currently trending, Spice said despite the challenges of a COVID hit 2020, she is ending the year on a high.

"I also just released Clean Hygiene and a song called Head by Frankie Music that also is getting heavy rotation, and so I'm closing out 2020 with a huge bang and I'm happy, especially about that since it was such a disastrous year for all of us," she said.

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