Marion Hall will be doing ‘dancehall gospel’, manager says

January 27, 2021

After declaring that she will not be returning to dancehall, Minister Marion Hall confused some persons after revealing her intentions to record a dancehall album.

But in an interview with THE STAR, Hall's manager, Delroy Escoffery, sought to clear up any misconceptions. Escoffery said Hall's upcoming project will be 'dancehall gospel'.

"If yuh look pan the global space, you have different types of gospel music to reach different persons. You can get a dancehall riddim, a soca riddim and use it to preach the gospel same way. It's the content and the context that people must pay attention to and if it aligns with the Gospel of Jesus," he said. "Yuh can say supmn 'bout God pan a track innu, but the context nuh align with the Gospel of Christ.

Inspirational songs

Memba, Ninjaman did say, ' my friends seek the Lord' on a song and den after dat him say, ' reverse the hearse make mi put in the dead'. The content didn't go along with the context, and so that could never be a gospel song, but he did mention ' seek the Lord'. You also have inspirational songs that are not gospel songs, so what people need to focus on is the DNA of the music, which is the message of Christ."

There is no official word yet on when the project will be released, but Escoffery said Hall has already begun the writing process.

"She always have songs innu, and she's putting songs together right now. She is in the writing process, and I guess she will drop it when God tells her to drop it," he said.

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