Trippple X calls promised gov’t assistance ‘hush money’

April 20, 2021
Trippple X
Trippple X

Members of the entertainment industry are waiting anxiously to hear the type of relief that will be issued to them following Prime Minister Andrew Holness' announcement that the sector would receive care packages.

But Trippple X believes Holness' acknowledgement of the industry is merely to silence the noise. The selector and social media personality said that he did not want a "handout". Speaking to THE STAR, he said the entertainment industry "has been treated like puppet".

"This is not help or assistance, this is basically hush money because him see say the entertainment industry is speaking up and is becoming very critical of what he and the Government is doing. So this is a way to get some people to shut dem mouth or jump pon di bandwagon. This is what politicians have done for years," he said. Trippple X said the real issues are not being addressed and this will not assist the people who really need it.

"This entertainment grant or money is going to those who have name and clout, not the man weh sell peanut and cook di soup pon di roadside. Sort out another programme fi dem. These people are part of the industry and culture and need it most while the artistes are the content creators. Help the poor and disenfranchised," Trippple X said. "Right now mi nuh inna di best financial situation but I would not tek any financial help from the Government if ah entertainment it geared towards because I will continue to forage to feed myself and the family. And I am appealing to every artiste and content creator in Jamaica, please do not take this money." The selector also opined that any assistance will cause division.

"It is all about divide and conquer. If is $40,0000 give out to 1,000 smaddy, that a $40 million... and it therefore means we would be taking that money out of poor people mouth," he said. "I don't believe the Government needs to single out entertainment when there are so many people here who need it more than we and if the professionals in the industry take it, the people of Jamaica going turn against them too."

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