Rygin King pleads to God in new track - Artiste reflects one year after near-death incident

June 09, 2021
Rygin King
Rygin King

Dancehall artiste Rygin King says he never set out to write a religious track, let alone to preach to anyone through his music.

Yet on Plead My Cause, he sends a pertinent message - one of prayer. Plead My Cause is the first song to be released from a rhythm compilation titled Different Species, produced by Extol Music.

"It is of my experience; I want my fans to know that it's an uplifting song that they can listen to," Rygin King told THE STAR. "That was a near-death trauma that remains with me and is a constant reminder to give thanks to God for my life."

Rygin King was shot and injured in Westmoreland last June. He sustained injuries to his spine, chest, lungs and legs, and had to do undergo several surgical procedures.

"Things are always changing, but with God all things are possible in time," the artiste said, adding that as he deejays, he strongly believes that "God does not give a man more than what he can bear".

Much of his life has reflected his willingness to go where God guides him. In fact, the deejay borrows the powerful words from Mark 8:36 in the Bible, and uses it in the track's first verse. ' What it takes a man to gain the world, and lose him soul?' the Rygin King queried. He then follows up with the words: ' Amazing grace how sweet the sound, me memba how me grow.'

Rygin King, given name Matthew Smith, shared that he penned a pleading letter to God while reflecting on his ordeal, and stated that his relationship with God existed even before the life-changing experience.

"I don't speak on religion but on having a relationship with the Almighty Creator that never leaves me nor forsakes me. The song is for everyone, and people can play it any time to uplift their spirit," Rygin King said.

"The songs I write are intended to stimulate positive energy to listeners worldwide, and Plead My Cause hits right at home for many like myself. As I reflect on the affliction of pain I experienced physically and mentally, I can't stop thanking God for another year. It's been tough, but I have to be strong."

Extol Spence, the owner and founder of Extol Music, known for producing projects like Masicka's Yeh Blood and Govana's Loyalty, was elated to help get Rygin King's message out. He says the track shows a new style and side to the entertainer.

"He's a great artiste to work with, and these lyrics are very positive and powerful. I know the concept of the song gonna make a lot of impact on people, and different groups of people, locally and internationally, when the audio and visuals are released this Friday," he said.

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