Maestro Don wants to venture into soca music

October 29, 2021
Maestro Don
Maestro Don

Fast-rising dancehall deejay Maestro Don says that there is another genre that has captured his attention.

Soca music, he told THE WEEKEND STAR, is full of energy like dancehall and he is exploring the opportunities to cross over or do more in that market.

"Now, I definitely see myself experimenting with soca," said Maestro Don, who earlier this year expressed that he saw the benefits of experimenting with languages. "Once it's about the Caribbean, you can count me in and soca is up-tempo, full of vibe with melodies, so why not?"

His Senorita track with D'Yani made the rounds within the Caribbean and the Latin markets, but both artistes saw an opportunity to do more.

Maestro Don connected with Trinidad and Tobago's Nailah Blackman through a mutual contact and after a few conversations, he said, it gave birth to recording a remix version and music video for the hit single.

Though the Senorita Remix did not go in the direction of becoming a dancehall-soca fusion, the deejay was impressed by Blackman's competence on the rhythm. The connection helped to further sharpen his interests in the soca genre.

"It was just good harmony from the beginning; this is based on the conversations we had prior the recording and release of the track.I wasn't surprised at how Nailah rode the riddim...she is from the Caribbean and we are full of flavour. I think her accent also stood out on the track," he said.

Maestro Don continued, "One of the pluses working with both D'Yani and Nailah is that they demonstrate impeccable work ethic that match mine and their authenticity as well. It was just genuine joy on set."

He believes that there is a market that Caribbean creatives can dominate, if all or the majority of them merge the sounds and instrument-playing styles.

"I have already started to outsource soca producers and soca beats," he said. "I have no intentions of slowing down. Senorita is doing exceptionally well and I've recently released three other singles, Active Mode, Protection List and Gyal Flexx, all with official music videos. We can achieve way more internationally, formally take over, and leave an indelible mark if we unify and merge our talents."

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