Beware of dubplate scammers - Powerman warns fellow artistes after Instagram account hacked

November 02, 2021

Dancehall entertainer Powerman, also known as Powerstone, is working hard to rebuild his following on Instagram after his account was hacked.

He says the hacker disguised themselves as someone seeking dubplates.

"I do dubplates for a lot of people, and it so happens that social media has become a local marketplace or an easy platform for persons to get in contact with artistes like myself. The day in question, October 16, I got an IG message with a request for a dubplate and my CashApp information including my telephone number," Powerman told THE STAR.

"I was instructed to send a text to prove the number was mine, then to copy and paste a link through Instagram. Once I did that, everything [was] gone. I realised right away it was because of all that but never understood what I should have done. I wasn't thinking," he continued.

In a few minutes, Powerman's account became inaccessible, and the ''dubplate scammers'' were already sending out fraudulent messages about business opportunities.

He said "I only had approximately 2,800 followers, so most of the people who received the messages quickly reached out and informed me what was happening. However, it is easy [for] the dubplate scammers or social media hackers to get into your accounts and use it to do fraud. Whoever it was, was pretending it was me and trying to sell the idea of sending US$100 to earn thousands."

Powerman shared that the number of followers may have been small compared to more popular acts but that it was a page he was taking the time to build to promote his brand and music.

"It might sound small, but every follower counts, and it takes a long time to build a professional page. Luckily, my close friends questioned the messages, and when they realised they weren't getting straight replies, they knew it wasn't me," he said. "We, who do dubplates, can never be too careful... so beware."

Powerman, known as a big dancehall act in the 1990s with chart-topping hits like Stone and Miss Kill and Bury, is a mainstay in global sound clash culture and receives many requests from sound systems and selectors for dubplates via Instagram and Facebook. He just dropped his One King rhythm album featuring collaborations with Sizzla, Anthony Malvo and Red Fox and is already compiling the Kill A Sound Boy album, a tribute to sound clash culture that will be released in January 2022.

"I'm more in the sound clash circle, and sometimes a sound man nuh really have money to cut nuh dub. This album will help with that. The selector dem can gwaan play some tune fi 'kill a sound boy' without it being a specially recorded dub. It has about 14 tracks so far, and it [is] going change up the way we do things for clash," he said.

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