Posh Morris fighting stereotypes of women in dancehall - Revels in Aidonia endorsement

December 13, 2021
Posh Morris
Posh Morris

Recording artiste Posh Morris says the fanfare on social media has been "overwhelming" since dancehall hitmaker Aidonia described her as "the baddest female artiste right now inna Jamaica" three days ago.

Aidonia added that "some man artiste nuh bad like her lyrically, she deh pon a next level".

"When Aidonia gave me that endorsement on Instagram Live, he was giving a preview of the Flame Riddim he is about to release. If you have travelled the journey with Posh Morris, you will see how long it has been that she has fallen on deaf ears because she doesn't [get] involved or indulge in certain things," Posh Morris told THE STAR. "Between the following on Instagram and YouTube subscribers the support has increased. This shows others it can be done without having to sell yourself. Ah hard work mek me deh right here suh."

Posh Morris said over the past decade, persons had advised her to do "more raunchy, skin-out things".

"Sexiness is Posh but I have so much more to offer and some of the ideas I have heard, is like the people dem a tell me fi walk naked. Another image that has been painted is that if me nuh have a top man inna music weh a spend money, me nah guh mek it nowhere," she said.

Posh Morris is determined to be seen and heard. After the 2010 edition of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, she entered the 'Dats Easy Challenge' hosted by Aidonia which garnered the breakout sensation an even larger fan base, whom she calls her 'Top Tier Nation'.

Standing at 5', 2" and fighting societal pressures and the stereotypes placed on females in dancehall, Posh Morris said: "I am showing people you can do it without being fully naked or having to sleep with Tom, Dick and Harry. One of the things I want people to know, especially women, don't limit themselves because of what the industry expects from us or thinks we should look or sound like because that is what held me down."

She continued: "I am a big believer in self. I don't care if people say I am too big, too short or shape bad. At the end of the day, me ah work fi what I want. I remember thinking in 2010, 2012 and 2014, because of insecurities, that I have on too much weight. But look how thickness is trending today."

Posh Morris is known for singles like No Gyal, Horse Tonic and Take What's Mine. She recently collaborated with fellow rising dancehall act Knaxx on a track titled Higher. It is produced by Jungle Jesus Entertainment.

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