‘Sex still sells in 2022’ - But female dancehall acts say it can be tasteful

January 10, 2022
Dovey Magnum
Dovey Magnum
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

Last week, veteran recording artiste Luciano called for a 'morality check' on dancehall music for which he insisted that the messages "incite crime and violence and is more like pornography".

According to female recording artiste Dovey Magnum, whether the quality and message of the dancehall music is bad or good, someone will always nitpick about the genre.

"People are always gonna say what they want to, but it is time for people to move past that notion. Allow the artistes to let go and live their music in terms of our imaginations and songwriting. Truth is, sex still sells in 2022 and will continue to sell," she told THE STAR. "For me, singing sexual songs, it sells. International markets tapping into our culture and they know dancehall can be a sexual genre. I sing what females like, how to please us as women. As for the violent side, remember, not because an artiste is singing something it doesn't mean an artiste is doing it but it's them speaking reality."

Dovey Magnum, who has a list of raunchy singles including her hit song Bawl Out, said that an artiste should not be given the responsibility of raising the nation's children, despite what many in society expect.

D'Angel, speaking as a mother of a teenage son, said it is good parenting practices that raise children, not music or entertainers.

"Parents have to parent their children and teach them in the right way they should grow. I would not say dancehall contributes to children behaving badly because they listen to all genres of music, so why is dancehall always the one that stands out like a sore thumb?" she said. While she does have a track record of being raunchy, she agreed "sex sells and I see where it is done in a tasteful way".

"From the inception of dancehall, sex has been part of its culture. Music is for everyone and it's free for you to express yourself however you want to the world. But the double standard comes when a female sings sexy music. It's okay for a male artiste to do it," she said.

Her latest single Exposed, which shows a sexier side of her, has garnered over four million views on YouTube, while Stronger, released over a decade ago and filled with uplifting messages, has barely reached the one-million mark.

Macka Diamond told THE STAR that she does not believe the sex-themed songs do better, but that "fans take on to music they feel is good or when the melody sweet".

"I understand what the artiste [Luciano] was saying, because he has an image of righteousness. Him right inna fi him way and people love his songs, too. It just shows, it depends on how the lyrics reflect on the listeners' hearts and experiences. And yes, females dress sexy, or use sexiness to sell themselves. They choose the direction for their careers. I am in-between. I see where all my music sells, not just the sexual ones, but it's all about the market," Macka Diamond explained.

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