High schooler Ninecea sees a future in music business

June 09, 2022

At 18 years old, emerging artiste Ninecea has wisdom beyond his years.

He is determined to get his breakthrough in Jamaica's dancehall scene without following any trends or joining any existing camps.

"I don't think I'd choose a camp or accept the proposal to be part of a camp, even if they're telling me it is an opportunity to get bigger. I do believe the path I'm on shows I can make my own camp," Ninecea told THE STAR. "I'm doing what I have to do to better my chances and I see myself at the commercial and international level not just hardcore dancehall."

He previously used the name Triple 6 HBK, but quickly recognised the negative implication of branding himself that way.

"It had the skeptics wondering what it was about and stopped a lot of progress. A name is such an important part of the brand [so] in my search I happened upon the spiritual meaning of the number 'nine' and it transformed into 'Ninecea' which I changed officially on my birthday [April 11] of last year," he said.

Still in school, Ninecea's songs titled Nahmal and Brawlin both went viral on TikTok after a soundbite started circulating on the platform. Although some dancehall lovers and fans may perceive Nahmal as the young artiste calling out one of dancehall's trending acts, he has no intentions of doing that.

"I was saying the slang 'nahmal a lie' in every video I posted and some persons replied saying to stop or that everything me say 'nahmal' and I used a voicenote I received to develop the concept for the song and as the intro," Ninecea said, admitting that he did not expect the response and assured that it was not aimed at any artiste.

It garnered more than 3,000 TikTok videos. The official video for Nahmal, since its release on May 4, has received close to 90,000 views on YouTube. Meanwhile, Brawlin, which was released three weeks later, is catching up with close to 50,000 views. Ninecea does not feel forced to meet a particular standard, to trend, or to make another viral wave on TikTok but does say there is a little pressure to give people what they want.

"I'm not strictly dancehall. I also do Afrobeats and I'm going to create and express how I feel. I won't change my style to please anyone," Ninecea said. "I personally value school and want to attend university whether or not I go right after high school. Anyone that gets to know me, will see the business-minded person that I am. I know my music must have a catchy chorus and I will choose carefully what I sing about. I have a lot more to offer to the industry."

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