Entertainment Diary MONDAY, April 25


April 25, 2016
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer The lady in red strikes a pose during Magnum Big People Tuesdayz anniversary at Gee Wee Parking Lot, Caledonia Avenue in Cross Roads, St Andrew, recently.



Brian 'Ribbie' Chung invites you to come drink a rum to celebrate his birthday, at Ribbiz Ultra Lounge, Barbican Centre, staring 7 p.m.

THURSDAY, April 28

Sherlene and Tavia present a birthday bash called Young, Hot and Sweet at Sherlene's Place, Torrington Lane, Torrington Bridge. Music by Klassic Klymax, with DJ Snow, Glen Stinger, Jiggy Marley, SNR Daley, Welton Irie.

FRIDAY, April 29

St Ann

Dain and Jellete present Mother's Love A Di Greatest, at Miss P HQ, Stepney District, St Ann. Music by Mark Movements. Special guest DJ from America. Guest artistes will be performing. Best-dressed female wins new phone, best female dancer wins US$50. Admission free. Food and soup also free.

Kingston and St Andrew

Roger British presents We Nuh Run Dung Fame, Image Edition, at 60B East Queen Street, Ina City Plaza, from 5 p.m. to midnight.

This and every Friday, NK Deli and Salsa Society of Jamaica presents Pre-Game Fridays, 2-4-1 Happy Hour at New Kingston Conference Centre (upstairs New Kingston Business Centre). Free salsa classes at 6 p.m. Latin dancing continues until 10 p.m. Music by DJ Drizzy Dre and DJ Chan. Telephone: 754-8714.

This and every Friday, Jackpot Sports Bar presents Come Drink With Me, 42 Giltress Street, Rollington Town, Kingston 2. Every Friday and Saturday, reduced prices on all drinks, lots of giveaways and free tokens to play slots.

BOOM presents Allman Town's 6th Annual Jamboree at Sabina Park. Featuring Demarco, Devin Di Dakta, Razor B, Bugle, Jahmiel, Gully Bop, Gage, Max Element, Shawn Ice, Nesbeth, Maestro Don and many more. Music by Soul Kome Movement. Selectors Fire British, Rhyme Up, and Joe Bling. MC: Nuffy. Admission: buy a Boom.

SATURDAY, April 30

Teamfocus present Old School Rewind, '90s 'n 2000s Retro Party, at John Stone Lawn, opposite Mannings Hill Primary. Music by DJ Omari (from Cuddy's sports bar), Killa Tone, and DJ Specialist.

Touch of Blue and the Cheap Mondays Family present Touch of Blue, 10th Anniversary, at Weddy Weddy HQ, 41 Burlington Avenue. Music by Stone Love and Black Prince. Special guest selectors AD Ray, Alonzo Hawk, Master Lee, Supa Barry. Also featuring special guest artistes. Admission $500. Gate prizes and giveaways.

Rumbar Entertainment presents Cups Up: Second Edition, Paparazzi. Come dressed to impress at 14B South Camp Road. Music by DJ Bunnymental, DJ Gugumental, DJ Pittyless.



Central Jamaica's first live music series, Clarendon Live, every first Friday at Fyah Side Jerk and Bar, Toll Gate, Clarendon. Featuring Tanya Stephens and Mackeehan. Hosted by Christopher 'Johnny' Daley. Gates open 8 p.m., show time 10 p.m. Admission $600 pre-sold, $800 at the gate, $1,200 mixed drinks inclusive. Tickets available at Fyah Side Jerk Toll Gate. Call Streetcred Jamaica at 1876-668-0932 or 1876-356-7406 for more information.


Kingston & St Andrew

Maxine, Sue and Deka present A Jus The Blessings, Fada God Blessings, at Steve Madden Plaza, 173 Orange Street.



Freedom Ministry presents Songs My Mother Loved, Reflection, a brunch with live music, starting 1:00 p.m., at The Waterfalls, 160 Old Hope Road, Liguanea, Kingston 6. Cost: $2,600. Contact 353-7796, 434-8109, 406- 0678


St Elizabeth

Foota Vybzz birthday bash, Spotlight, Paparazzi Edition at Beaux Escape Nightclub, Santa Cruz. Music by Little Richie, Reptile Bling, Jaxx International, and DJ Stunna.


Kingston & St Andrew

Stickman and DJ Bulls present When The East Was One, at Cambridge Street and Cumberland Avenue, Franklyn Town, Kingston 16. Music by Young Fresh International and Hotta Squad. Guest Selector Little Richie, Aggart and Patta Vybz.

Fada Sonny in association with Lady Tamara and The Crystal Clear Sound Family presents his annual Gemini birthday bash called Ah Ya Suh Nice, Pink and White Affair, at 35 Campden Crescent, Marverley Kingston 20. Music by Crystal Clear with DJ Dan. Video by Video Paul and Live Pics.

Sexy kimone and Baski di Governer present their fish fry an drink up, Ambition Ova Hype, at Nelson Road Corner and Maxfield Avenue (Bigyaaad Hq ). Music by White Star. $1000 per ticket.


Jacob's Place in association with Team Moeish present Moeish Earthstrong, Real Revolutionary Rebel, at Kings Plaza, Constant Spring Road. Moeish and friends will be live in concert. Special guest artists will be passing through. MC Baldwin and Dudley Thompson. Seafood on sale. Cake and ital cup free.Admission Free

FRIDAY, June 3

Lotto Man presents Birthday Bash, Let's Drink to the Hardworking People, yellow and white affair, at D Club House, Temple Hall, Stony Hill. Music by Stone Love, Boom Boom, Tony Pele Hype, Alanzo Hawk. Food and Refreshment on sale.

Veronica and Damion present Lifestyle on Fleek at 10 Clarion Road, Texas Marverly, Kingston 20. Music by Mega Tone , with Fire Stick and Sniper Kid. Soup on the house.


St Ann

Splashed, The Dripping Wet Cooler Fete at Altery Beach, Priory, from 4 p.m. to midnight. Bring your coolers.

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