Entertainment Diary MONDAY, May 9


May 09, 2016
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer A hottie strikes a pose during Sexy & Sassy girls Massive Attack anniversary party at Russell Heights in Barbican, Stg Andrew, recently.


Kingston & St Andrew

Clarendon College Past Students' Association's Annual Boat Ride, board at 7 p.m. at Port Royal Street, sail at 8 p.m. sharp on the Caribbean Queen. Music by DJ Inferno from FAME FM. Proceeds in aid of the CC Past Students' Association Scholarship Fund. Admission: $4,000, all-inclusive. Call 467-7149 or 469-2946 for tickets.

FRIDAY, May 20

Francene, in association with Hog Head Promotions, presents We Rate Who Rate We, at 3 Stow Road, Marverley, Kingston 20. Music by Kattarock Disco. Soup on the house.



Penngo Entertainment presents 3Sum Soca Water Party at Croft's Hill Cultural Centre, Croft's Hill, Clarendon. Featuring three main attractions - soca, water, foam. Music by DJ Nicco (FAME FM), Bloodline Sound and DJ Luigi. Specials for drinks purchased in threes.

St Elizabeth

Foota Vybzz birthday bash, Spotlight, Paparazzi Edition, at Beaux Escape Nightclub, Santa Cruz. Music by Little Richie, Reptile Bling, Jaxx International, and DJ Stunna.

Kingston & St Andrew

Wolmer's Trust presents Roll Call at Devon House Formal Gardens. Entertainment by DJ Flabba and Narity. Tickets: $1,200 pre-sold and $1,500 at the gate

SUNDAY, May 22

Kuttin Edge Entertainment presents Mixtures Re-Genisis at D' Club House (beside Temple Hall Estate), from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Music by Sanjay (Coppershot), Ikel Marvelous and Flabba Dabba (Team Shella), Technatics, and DJ Baba. Featuring premium bars, VIP bars, instant photos, and Exquisite catering. Admission: $2,000 pre-sold, $2,500 at the gate.


Kingston & St Andrew

Stickman and DJ Bulls present When The East Was One, at Cambridge Street and Cumberland Avenue, Franklyn Town, Kingston 16. Music by Young Fresh International and Hotta Squad. Guest Selector Little Richie, Aggart and Patta Vybz.

Fada Sonny, in association with Lady Tamara and The Crystal Clear Sound Family, presents his annual Gemini birthday bash called Ah Ya Suh Nice, Pink and White Affair, at 35 Campden Crescent, Marverley, Kingston 20. Music by Crystal Clear with DJ Dan. Video by Video Paul and Live Pics.

Sexy Kimone and Baski di Governer present their fish fry and drink-up, Ambition Ova Hype, at the corner of Nelson Road and Maxfield Avenue (Bigyaaad HQ ). Music by White Star. $1,000 per ticket.


Jacob's Place, in association with Team Moeish, presents Moeish Earthstrong, Real Revolutionary Rebel, at Kings Plaza, Constant Spring Road. Moeish and friends will be live in concert. Special guest artistes will be passing through. MC Baldwin and Dudley Thompson. Seafood on sale. Cake and ital cup free. Admission: free

FRIDAY, June 3

Swagg Team Promotion presents Summer Swagg, the Bow Tie Edition at Ambassador Lounge, Old Hope Road (across from US Embassy). Music by Snipa International, Bishop Escobar, Khadaffy, and Skitta. Pictures by Rokin Entertainment, New Ideas. Admission: $800 pre-sold, $1,000 at the gate.

Lotto Man presents birthday bash, Let's Drink to the Hard-working People: Yellow and White Affair, at D Club House, Temple Hall, Stony Hill. Music by Stone Love, Boom Boom, Tony Pele Hype, Alanzo Hawk. Food and refreshments on sale.

Veronica and Damion present Lifestyle on Fleek at 10 Clarion Road, Marverley, Kingston 20. Music by Mega Tone , with Fire Stick and Sniper Kid. Soup on the house.


St Ann

Splashed, The Dripping Wet Cooler Fete at Altery Beach, Priory, from 4 p.m. to midnight. Bring your coolers.

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