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October 28, 2015

(Posted [latest news] Tuesday, October 20, 2015)

Our followers are so protective of Usain Bolt. It was "beat up on the STAR day" when this story was posted.

Marci Niki Buckley: The past is the past, how is this relevant today?

Nora Mcleod: So what, he is male, she is female. Get over yourself. No one can have a serious relationship in four months. That's a fling.

Angella Dixon-Pottinger: Ok and, really now? STAR, get a life.

Lav West: Why is this of importance? Has The STAR now become a celebrity magazine?

Leo Fras: He must have had fast finishes as he did in his races. #Swish

(Published Thursday, October 22, 2015)

Once again, the defenders of Usain Bolt came out in their numbers.

Miiguel Max: Haters dem nuff. Anybody style Bolt, a unuh self unuh a style ... . Bolt a him own big man. Big up, Bolt.

Ahmet Henry: Alkaline seh a no him Bolt a talk bout, lol.

Fitzroy Francis: The higher the monkey climb, the more him expose. Usain Bolt must remember that even legend will fall from the glory of Jah.

Krystal Green: Bolt, please stay out of the foolishness.

(Published Friday October 23, 2015)

Tatiana has undoubtedly captured the hearts of our followers.

Maxine Powell: She is a mini Miss Lou. She warms my heart. I pray for blessings and prosperity and utter success for her.

Akasa Love: Old soul in a young body.

Christopher Bird: Keep it up, girl. The world will soon recognize you as the little Miss Louise Bennett.

Mrs Bartley: These are the kinds of stories we want to see.

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