My Confession: A church girl played me


October 30, 2015

When I was about 18, I got baptised. I told myself that I wanted a change in my life because the 'outta road' life never nice at all.

Attending the church at first was really good because mi a hot boy when mi a go church, so the girls them have them eyes pan mi.

In the church, there was about three girls weh like mi off, but mi did kinda shy still. One Sunday mi deh a church and one come to mi an seh, "mi know you like mi inno, but mi see seh yuh shy." All now mi nuh seh nothing to har; from that day until now mi just stand up wid mi mouth open.

The second one mi and har get along good, but she neva waa give in. She a talk bout marriage so mi stop chat to she. She did treat mi nice, but mi just fool and want sex, so me let har go.

The last one now, me did certain seh me ago 'knock it' because she a gimme all a the nice talk. She thick and sexy! All day, I would sit in church, and all when the pastor a preach, mi nah hear nothing because my mind deh all over ar.

leff har

Wi did have a church convention fi go so she seh she want $2,000. Mi start think hard bout it because a nuff money that fi mi dem time deh. Mi start wonder if me fi break up wid har so mi ask me friend wah mi fi do and him say mi muss leave har right away.

Dem time deh she not even give me a kiss yet and she want money. Likkle bit after that people start tell mi say she a 'baddaz', but me just couldn't see it because me did too much in love. So mi give har $1,000, but God know it

wasn't with a willing heart. Mi tell ar she soon get the rest.

Couple days after, she come ask me fi the rest a money, but me tell har seh me no have it. A who tell mi fi say so?

Mi say STAR, by church done, is a different man di gyal gone chat to! Break man heart. All now mi vex. She tek man fi fool!

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