Fass and Curios: Birthday at the hairdresser


November 09, 2015

Singing: "It's not even my birthday but I wanna lick the icing off..." Rihanna alone, cause is not every cake yuh fi waan eat.

However, some a unuh licky licky so even if unuh and di people dem weh celebrating birthday not friend unuh nyam it same way and don't care! #greedypeople

Mi say people I felt adventurous Saturday and said I was going to the hairdresser to get a hair cut. I was sitting in the chair watching the scissors clipping away inches of my hair when I heard,

"Hi, can I have your attention please. Today is Marsha's birthday and we want you to help us sing happy birthday."

A small group of nail techs and

hairstylists that surrounded the birthday girl started singing. But half of the shop couldn't care less as they continued doing hair or chatting, some even made up their faces. Right away I gathered that not everyone was gonna sing, "for she's a jolly good fellow!"

I asked one of the co-workers, "So you not singing happy birthday?" A hiss of the teeth was the response to that. At least the one that was doing my hair went to partake but commented on her return, "The icing look tuff!"

Another stylist asked her if it was a PriceSmart cake to which the girl replied, "Mi nuh know it look like (Sugar and Spice's cause PriceSmart cake come in clear container doh?! A hope it nuh taste bad!" I laughed and asked how she hadn't even sang happy birthday but went to eat the girl's cake?

She said she did and that's why she was missing from my hair for a bit.

Another voice rang out, "Can you be quiet please; we are going to have a word of prayer."

I heard her loud and clear so I know even though people were talking they heard her too but continued to mind their own business.

One of the hairdressers prayed for health and strength and loving care and even asked God to bless the hearts and mouths that were going to eat the cake. I had to laugh. Did she just say that? She sure did.

Cake plates were issued and a number of the workers took a plate and the liquor they passed out. Well I guess they were helping the girl celebrate her birthday even if it was to just eat the cake. The same girl I asked if she wasn't going to sing was even asking for a refill. Now I knew why she couldn't sing. She was hungry. Lol.

My hairdresser was trying to get me piece but don't know if it was really for me or her since she never asked if I wanted but kept saying that her customer wanted piece. I had a piece of homemade carrot cake and told her, "No, hon I'm good, I walk with my own cake."

Anyway Marsha big up uself. Yuh did look nearly decent in yuh yellow and pink. I think you could have looked a little nicer though, afterall it was your birthday.

The two big gift baskets in the purple wrapper that the young man brought yuh, were really nice. Now that I would have taken instead of the cake. Walk good mi people Gossip Chica out!

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