Paternity Puzzle: Chef to know if he is baby's father

December 31, 2015

'Lovers uncertain about baby's paternity' published on November 20, 2015 has been selected as the winning story for the month of December.

Now, two long-time lovers, Neil Brown*, a 37-year-old chef, and Kayann Wilson*, a 20-year-old student, if Neil is the father of Kayann's six-month-old baby.

Neil and Kayann have been together for over five years; however, Kayann admitted that during the relationship, she made a foolish mistake by engaging in brief a sexual relationship with another man.

Shortly after cheating, she missed her period and discovered she was pregnant. Now, she does not know who is her baby's real father.

Neil was elated when THE weekend STAR informed him that he won a free DNA test courtesy of Caribbean Genetics and THE weekend STAR.

"Me feel betta right now, God know me feel glad. A joy to me because the baby a get bigger and the doubts a get bigger," he said.

Kayann said she feels much better now that she will be able to know which of the men she slept with is her baby's father.

Both lovers said they stand by their initial responses in the previous interview.

THE weekend STAR had asked the following questions:

What would happen if the results say the child's father is Neil?

Neil: Cho man! Me forgive her long time fi di cheating because a nuff time me cheat pan her. If the results say a my baby, me keep a party same time!

Kayann: We gonna move on with our lives and get over the fact that I made a mistake.

What would happen if the results say the child's father is not Neil?

Neil: Me nuh even know how me woulda live with that.

Kayann: He (Neil) said he's not going to tolerate that and he's going to leave.

*Names changed

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