Paternity Puzzle: Ex-Lovers at odds about child's paternity

March 04, 2016

Though their relationship has ended, two ex-lovers remain tied by an eight-year-old son.

Julie Brown*, a 35-year-old, customer service representative, and Anthony Brown*, a 36-year-old taxi operator, met when they were residing in the same community.

When Julie landed her job, she requested Anthony's taxi services to transport her to and from work. An intimate relationship developed.

They discovered they shared the same last name. They embraced it and gave people the impression they were married.

The foundation of the relationship became shaky when Anthony discovered Julie was still involved with her child's father.

"One day she claimed she was going to look for her grandmother, but when I went to look for her, I found out she was at her babyfather's house. He was living overseas and had come to visit. From dem time deh me lose trust inna her," Anthony explained.


When Julie found out she was pregnant, her family encouraged her to register the child in the 'foreigner's' name because he was financially stable. She complied with her family's wishes, but lied to Anthony, telling him she registered the child in her aunt's name.

Anthony later discovered the truth about the child's surname. This further added to doubts he had about the child being his. Eventually, the relationship ended, but Anthony still plays a role in the child's life and the boy calls him 'Daddy'.

Julie remains adamant that Anthony is the child's father because he was the only one she was intimately involved with at the time.

She further added that when she was pregnant, Anthony was experiencing 'pregnancy' symptoms instead of her.

"When me get pregnant he was the one getting the sickness because I was fine, but he was sleeping all the time. While I could eat everything, he was very picky with what he could eat," she said.

THE WEEKEND STAR asked the ex-lovers the following questions.

THE WEEKEND STAR: What would you do if the results say the child's father is Anthony?

Julie: Well, me just glad, nothing more.

Anthony: I don't know enuh. She say it's mine so I requested the DNA.

THE WEEKEND STAR: What would happen if the results say Anthony is not the father?

Julie: Me woulda drop down because me know a him alone me was along with back then.

Anthony: If it's mine, I take up my responsibilities fully.

THE WEEKEND STAR: Who does the child look like?

Julie: A dead stamp of me and Anthony.

Anthony: Wow! (*laughs*) the mom. I don't know. Him don't resemble me, him favour him mother.

* Names changed

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