Star of the Month: Tanto discusses his love life

March 15, 2016
Tanto Blacks

Today, we get even more up-close and personal with our Star of the Month, Tanto Blacks, as he opens up about his love life. The 'Real Rich' entertainer, who celebrated his 31st birthday on Saturday, is often

lauded as a wonderful father to his five kids, but THE STAR wants to know if he is also a wonderful lover.

STAR: Do you have a girlfriend?

Tanto: Yes. Her name is Samantha Davy, but I call her 'Bunus'. We have been together for seven years going to eight years now. She is the mother of two of my kids. She treats me like a king.

STAR: What kind of boyfriend are you to her?

Tanto: I'm not a boyfriend to her. I'm a king and she's my queen, so I treat her just the way a queen should be treated. I gave her a little prince. I buy her things all the time, but I don't really look at that as anything big because I treat all the people around me good.

STAR: Are you planning to get married?

Tanto: Me not thinking about that as yet. Remember, me young, enuh, and me see how many people get married and leff after so many years. So the two a we a gwaan watch and wait. She understand the whole situation, too. Also, when me get married, me want to turn Christian.

STAR: What do you think about cheating in a relationship?

Tanto: A man and woman nuh fi cheat on each other, but if a woman go cheat on a man, it worse than when a man cheat on a woman because a woman can't do what a man does and still be a lady. If my woman cheats on me, no matter how she pretty, me a go leave her, but she affi stay with me if me cheat because a man is a man.

STAR: Have you ever got your heart broken?

Tanto: Yes. Back when me was a little boy growing up and had my first girlfriend. One time me find love letter between she and another man. Dem time deh me couldn't really read, but me recognise what deh pon the paper as 'I love you, Tyrone' because me did have a cousin name Tyrone, so me know how fi spell it. Me leff her and go home go bawl.

STAR: Where do you take your girlfriend on date nights?

Tanto: I love to carry my booboo to unusual places like Jazz and Blues and all-white parties. I want to take her places weh you know say no bag a bruck-out nah gwaan, just some rich things.

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