Buju is my idol - Razor B

April 08, 2016
Razor B
Buju Banton

There are many entertainers who are hoping for the early release of reggae artiste Buju Banton, and among them is our STAR of the Month, Razor B.

Razor B, who described Buju Banton as someone he idolises, told THE WEEKEND STAR in a recent interview that he would love to see the incarcerated deejay back on the streets soon.

"Buju Banton is someone I look up to," he said. "I emulate him for the level of professionalism he displayed during his career and the level that he took the music to internationally."




He added that he hoped Buju would have been freed and that he was devastated when the singer was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

"It hurt a lot. I was praying for him, hoping that he would have gotten off," he said, explaining that he felt that the entertainer was unfairly treated. "I'm not a lawyer or a judge or anything, but just from reading what was presented as evidence in the case, he shouldn't have gotten that much time because he wasn't caught selling the actual product."

Razor B added that, like many other Jamaicans, he hopes that Buju will be released from prison early, as he believes the reggae artiste is missed in the industry.

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