Kool Kid celebrates Breadfruit dance


April 08, 2016
Contributed Kool Kid

Roast or Fry? That's the question patrons are asked whenever the dance single, 'Breadfruit', by dancer/recording artiste Chi Ching Ching is played at dancehall events.

The Breadfruit dance was created by Dwayne 'Kool Kid' Samuels, a former member of the Colo Squad dance group.

The dancer, now basking in the success of his first hit dance in years, the choreography is spreading rapidly.

"When we go roast or fry, to how di people dem love it, everybody just a do di dance," Kool Kid told 'Dancers Paradise'.

Under the wings of iconic dancer Colo Colo, Kool Kid was the mastermind behind popular dance moves like Stuckie, Ruum Ram, Ruba Bounce, among others. He also won notable awards from Stone Love for his work.

Kool Kid has been very busy promoting Breadfruit and has made repeat appearances at events such as Wet Sundays, Bounty Sundays, Mojito Mondays, Hanging Mondays and Weddy Weddy Wednesdays.

"We spread the love and give everybody a strength. The team is there to support me right through. Mi affi big up Chi Ching, Gabidon, Energy, Shakespere, Skillache, Jiggy Ras, Famous, Marni Gouice, Colo Colo and all the Skateland family," he said.

Kool Kid had a public fallout with Belleh dancer Shelly Belly. However, he said they have worked out their differences."

It out and I can't deny it. We had a little misunderstanding at an event recently but we look over it and move on and continue the mission to make people happy," he said.

The Southside and Jungle-based dancer, said he has been honing his craft for more than 13 years and is just finding his form while supporting his friend Chi Ching Ching.

"We come from nothing, helping each other, motivating each other, and we maintain that brotherly respect, always. A from Ching a roll out the carpet until now, and we watch him become a real man inna di business," he said.

A recently released music video for Breadfruit has been viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube.

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