Legal Wranglings: Baby father's wife not helping my child


April 08, 2016

The mother of a 10-year-old child is having a difficult time supporting him. His father died last year.

She explained that every month the child's father would give her $30,000 for the child and also pay his school fees and medical expenses.

"The wife knew about my child before her husband died," she explained.

"There were times when his wife used to call, cursing me, saying unpleasant things about me and my child. I was never rude to her. I explained to her that when I met her husband he told me he was not married.

"It was only after our child was born that he confessed that he was married but was not on any good terms with his wife.

"I discovered that he was lying when he said he was not on good terms with his wife. I just got fed up with the situation and ended the relationship.

"My child's father was a very good father. He took very good care of my child, who was his only child. He gave me $30,000 monthly and paid school fees and medical bills. He died from a heart attack last year. Since then, I am having financial difficulty to support my child.

"One of his relatives told me he did not make a will and his wife was taking steps to claim his estate. I know he owns two houses, a grocery shop and three minibuses and his wife is now running the grocery store and managing the minibuses, which transport passengers. I called his wife last month to ask for financial assistance for my child and she refused. I find it so unfair that she has refused to help an innocent child," she said.

The Intestates' Estates and Property Charges Act makes provision for your child to benefit from his father's estate. You should consult a lawyer or the Administrator General's Department to assist you in getting your child's entitlement from his father's estate.

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