My Confession: I used my child to hurt my man!


April 08, 2016

In my last relationship I was living with my child's father. I loved him very much, some of my friends said I was a fool in love with a player, but at that time I couldn't see it. I guess I was blinded by love.

For a long time I thought he was being faithful to me, until I started seeing certain signs. He would come home late and, when I asked him why, he would tell me he was working overtime, but his co-workers tell me that he wasn't at work.

I couldn't understand why he would lie to me about that, but I just ignored it.

A next thing, he never put down his phone in my sight. He would sleep with it under his pillow, take it in the shower with him. Me neva really pay this any mind because I just told myself he that he was a busy man and, with the nature of his work, he can't afford to miss important calls.

I continued to ignore all the signs, until one day I went on his computer and realised he accidentally left his Facebook open.

I went in the messages and see how much gyal him a look and tell them how him single and lonely, and what him would love to do to them. Me heart break inna 10 million pieces.

At the same time I loved him so much that I couldn't bring myself to leave him, especially because I didn't want to hurt our little girl, who was only six at the time.

I had to figure out a way to hurt him like he hurt me. He had just bought a brand new car, so I knew exactly what to do.

I asked my daughter if she loves her father and she said , "Yes, very much". So I told her that she should show him how much she loves him by carving it out very big on his brand new car.

I gave her an ice-pick and she did exactly what I told her. She wrote in bold, all over the car, "I LOVE YOU DADDY"

When him see it him cry like a baby fi weeks. Even now him no have a clue that I was the one who caused it.

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