Paternity Puzzle: Mom, alleged father seek clarity

April 08, 2016

Shanoy Smith grew up believing that her father disappeared after a one-night stand with her mother. However, she recently learnt that that was a tale concocted by her mother, 40-year-old, cosmetologist, Charmaine Bennett.

Shanoy, 22, recently found out that Jason Thomas, a 44-year-old businessman, whom she grew up knowing as a family friend, is her alleged father. Now she wants to ascertain these claims.

According to Charmaine, she met Jason during her early teens and they both had a fling which led to her becoming pregnant. However, when she informed Jason about the pregnancy, he disowned it.

Charmaine said she then severed ties with Jason, and made up a story to shelter her child from the rejection, shame and embarrassment she experienced.

Jason admitted that he initially rejected Shanoy as his daughter because he was young and only had a fling with Charmaine, so he could not ascertain if the child was his.

THE WEEKEND STAR asked the pair the following questions.

STAR: What do you want he results to be?

Charmaine: It don't really matter at this point you know. I've suffered all my life with her, me one and God. I sent her through high school and she graduated with how many subjects.

Jason: I Just want the results to show what the truth is. I have been there for her and my family accepts her, but it's just me that have the doubts.

STAR: What would happen if the results say Jason is the father?

Charmaine: Nothing would change for me. It's just Shanoy that wants closure.

Jason: I already play some sort of role in life, but not fully, so I would start play the role more fully.

STAR: What would happen if the results say Jason is not the father?

Charmaine: I know for sure that he is the father because he was the only one I was along with at the time.

Jason: It would cause a little hurt, because the attachment is there now. I would still continue to assist her in financial ways and continue to play a little part, and I wouldn't have any regrets about it.

STAR: Who does she look like?

Charmaine: She and his kids look like twins.

Jason: She looks like me. She have the same fat, chubby face like me.

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