'I'm a neat freak' - Razor B

April 11, 2016
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer Razor B.

Star of the Month Razor B admits to being a 'neat freak'. He believes every man should take pride in their personal appearance.


STAR: Describe your fashion sense?

Razor B: My fashion sense is completely different from everybody else's. I like to play with my colours and red is my favourite colour, so I try to blend it in every outfit (laughs). I'm a gentleman and that will show in the way that I dress, whether I'm wearing a T-shirt and jeans or a suit, you'll always see the gentleman in me coming out. I like to wear things that will distinguish me from others, so I'll always try to get things designed especially for me.

STAR: Which local designer is your go-to person for outfits?

Razor B: Romeich. Most of my stuff are from overseas because I like the exclusivity, but whenever I'm in Jamaica, my designer is Romeich. My Sting and YVA's outfits were all his work.

STAR: Offstage, are you a jeans and T-shirt kind of person?

Razor B: I'm more of a tracksuit type of person. I like to feel relaxed and comfortable, especially when I'm going to the studio, and I feel really comfortable wearing tracksuits.

STAR: Do you have a favourite item of clothing, something you are very attached to?

Razor B: My favourite thing in my closet is my Blue Jays hat. The Blue Jays are my favourite baseball team, they are from Toronto and so I absolutely love that hat. I have sentimental attachment to all my clothes (laughs), but that one is special.

STAR: Are you a 'shop-a-holic'?

Razor B: Yes (hides face). I love clothes, I'm addicted to clothes, so you see like how a woman woulda shop and spend the whole day? That's me. I know exactly what I want when I go shopping innu, but I still end up spending the whole day sometimes.

STAR: If a lady is to get your attention, how should she attire herself?

Razor B: Personally, she should dress very sophisticated, carry yourself neatly. I'm a shoes person, so I'm always looking at the feet to see if the shoes lean to the right or to the left (laughs out loud). I watch her toes, too. It's not a fetish, but if a lady is wearing a slippers I check to see if her toes are well done. My toe dem nuh really that beautiful, so me pree di toe dem.

STAR: Do you have a favourite cologne?

Razor B: Right now I'm wearing Sexual by Michael Germain and I love it. Whenever I wear it and the ladies smell it, it's like they go crazy. Me love cologne.


STAR: Describe what the inside of your closet looks like?

Razor B: You'll see lots of shoes. I don't think I have feet to wear the amount of shoes in my closet. Lots of jeans. My closet is very organised, so you'll see shirts separate from jeans and hats and boxers, and I do the organising myself. I'm a neat freak, so I'm always cleaning. I like to see things neatly put away. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, OCD (laughs).

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