Hot Up - the new Dutty Whine

April 13, 2016
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer Razor B

Hot Up was the song that gave Razor B his big break. The dance song went viral as women began to use fire to beat their private parts.

It was not long before women in the dancehall took things to the next level by literally setting their private parts on fire, but Razor B sought to distance himself from the extreme dancing.

"When Razor B said Hot Up, him never mean it literally," he explained. "I was shocked when I heard that women were using fire to beat their vaginas, and I grew concerned when I heard they were lighting themselves up."

bigger risks

He, however, believes people won't stop going to extremes until the worst happens. "It's dangerous and just like when Dutty Whine did come out people are taking bigger risks with the dance each time until someone died. Hot Up is like the next Dutty Whine. I hope no one ends up dying from it, but people are not going to stop going to the extremes until someone is made into an example," he said. "Stop trying to go bigger and better than the other person. Just have clean, safe fun. Don't hurt yourselves."

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