Soca vs Dancehall: a heated discussion


April 18, 2016
Contributed These bacchanal babes were the hostesses who greeted patrons at Soca vs Dancehall
Contributed These friends paused their dancing for a quick second to smile for the camera

Howdie my Fass & Curious peeps! Is how unuh do? Carnival long come and gone and if unuh notice I did not even make mention of it, just because not everything good fi eat good fi talk. Dat mi granny did teach mi!

I have been to many dancehall sessions, so I am very aware of what happens. I have never been to a carnival road march or fIte, but it doesn't mean I am unaware of what takes place at these events. I just haven't experienced it firsthand. I never knew how some people feel about carnival road march until this year!

I was in the company of some individuals and a peaceful conversation almost turned ugly because everyone was so passionate about their opinions on what should be and what should not! I had my two cents to add to the conversation but the heat got too hot, so I ran out the kitchen and took notes from the sidelines.

"Jamaican people too hypocritical, they act like dancehall is the worse ..."

"KMT, wah do dancehall? Yuh eva listen to some of the soca music how dem outa order!"

"Anuh dat yuh fi look pon, look how dem dress. Inna panty and brassiere, basically naked an a wine up demself inna di road; yet still when yuh dress skimpy in yuh clothes go club, they talk about how it distasteful?!"

"But unuh notice seh a mostly uptown people do carnival?"

This question didn't sit well with a young lady in the circle, so she made sure to speak out. "You cannot say that, everybody goes to carnival. Why you have to single out uptown?" she asked.

"A wah? It hot yuh because yuh come from uptown, eh? Everybody gah carnival but a who up in the font a jump up jump up... bae light brown pretty skin gal. Yuh cya tell me nutten. Bex if yuh wah bex!" the man replied.

"So is it only uptown that have coloured people? You sound so ignorant!"


"Hey gal, is who yuh a call 'hignarant'? Mine mi get dark and tell yuh who hignarant! Yuh si poor people a buy tutty-add thousand dolla costume go jump up and dung when dem want food fi feed dem pickney? Only the upper-class black or brown weh gwan like dem stush and a bun fire pon dancehall, KMT. Better mi just tek weh myself from yahso, yah!"

The man walked away. He was so upset though, it's like he would have fought the poor young girl had she said anything else. Den she so mawga she couldn't tek a lick. LOL! To break the ice I said to her, "Well, I don't fully agree with him because I have a girlfriend who was willing to starve and wouldn't buy food or gas, because she was saving the money for carnival costume!" Some of us laughed at the idea and then that became the new topic of discussion. Jamaican people nuh easy enuh. We passionate bad! Especially when we 'hignarant' LOL! Walk good peeps!!

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