Real Talk: Razor B chats childhood, music


April 21, 2016
@Normal: Razor B

Welcome back my Real Talk peeps. This week I give you my final instalment of the Razor B interview. We are winding down our STAR of the Month feature, and it has been a good run with Razor B.

Renee: How did you get the name Razor B?

Razor B: A somebody name me. Me never have no deejay name and one day me inna di studio and somebody seh mek we call him Razor B cause him vocals sound sharp. But me a go be real because a Real Talk this name. More while me seh a cause a di girl dem mek me name Razor B cause me sharp wid di girls dem. The other day me do an interview and dem draw me up for it and seh, 'Yow, memba a we name you, how di gal ting, drop een? We fi get we credit.' So big up to Supa, Sweetness and Bugsy, a oonu name me. Di man dem beat me like slave wah day yah (laughs).

Renee: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Razor B: Wow, I want to become a household name and to build the Razor B brand. I want to create jobs under my OG Enterprise. Even if it is cleaning the chicken or delivering. Me waan help some of the youths off the streets. In five years I would love to accomplish that. I want to build songs and hopefully win a Grammy.

Renee: Are you comfortable with where you are in life?

Razor B: I am very, very comfortable with where I am in life right now. It could've been worse. Every day I drive on the road I see myself in those kids wiping car glass. If it wasn't for my mom and the opportunities she created for us, I could have been one of those kids. Not just on a materialistic level because I'm not materialistic, but I'm not hungry and my bills are paid. I'm happy, very happy.

Renee: When 'Hot Up' first came out, female dancers were patting their pubic area with fire. Many would say you are bringing craziness into the dancehall space. How would you respond?

Razor B: I guess because mi seh Hot Up they literally light themselves or light fire and jump on it. The first time me see di fire ting me a say, 'a how it reach deh so?' But a it mek the song buss and bigger than how it is. Mi see it on TMZ and Shade Room. It buss me as an artiste, so me haffi big up the dancers with the fire, but be careful with the fire. Think about it, a whole heap a dance dem use fire display, they have fire dances and so on. Mi next show mi a walk wid me fire extinguisher. Seriously, I wanted to be a fireman growing up. Yuh see how God mek things work? (laughs)

That's a wrap. See ya'll next week when I chat with another of your favourite Jamaican personality. Until then, keep it real.

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