My Confession: I helped my friend to cheat


April 22, 2016

STAR, remember me did a tell you from last week how me and me friend get kicked outta we house, so we did haffi sleep pon cold floor even though we did a hot gyal a road?

Now, me a go continue tell you how me help har give har man bun.

Me and the girl go through everything together, so naturally we were very close. Everywhere you see one, you see the other.

Back inna those days, the guy who is my babyfather now did do security work at a hotel, so him set up my friend on one of his security guard friends. All of we used to go to the hotel to 'sort out'.

Anyways, to cut long story short, me friend start give the security man bun with a guy from the community, until the community guy turn the main man, and the security guard turn the bunna man. The community guy start watch har like hawk, but him neva know seh she still deh wid the other guy.

One evening she go 'sort out' the security guard pon a endz and me follow her. Soon after she go in the room with the security man, the community guy come pon the endz come see me and no see har, so him figure seh something a gwaan.

Anyways, when she finish 'sort out', me tell her seh the community guy did a look fi har. Right away she get some tissue and stuff herself fi absorb the moisture from the 'sort out' so that the community guy nuh realise seh she did a do things before she reach home.


As she reach home the community guy start box her up and seh she a give him bun, because him see me and nuh see her. She seh during the time him a box her up, all she a think bout is how to get rid of the tissue because if him did see it, him wudda know seh she give 'the thing' away. She said she manage fi get away and remove the tissue and then she go back and have sex with him to prove that she wasn't cheating on him.

STAR, mi fren seh the boy start bawl and a tell har how much him sorry and how him love har. Him even give har some money afta dem done 'sort out'.

All now the two a wi still laugh about that day

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