Chilling at the barbershop!


April 25, 2016
File This clients receives a close shave during a visit to a barber.

Howdie! What a gwan pon di endz this week? Wah di pree!? So I drop een pon a certain barbershop in Half-Way Tree last week.

Everything seemed normal except for the one barber predweh in him chair sleeping, inna broad day light! I was tempted to wake him and ask why him so tired or what him did a do last night make him so pop dung?

Anyways the others were busy with their hands as well as their vocals! A dem say Rihanna, "work work work!"

clear the air

There was a little girl in her uniform who sat down patiently, waiting on her mother to finish getting her hair braided. Before unuh get carried away a wonder if a man a braid the woman hair ... No! a little boxed off area was there where a woman worked from lol! Mi know how unuh stay so make me clear the air! The little girl smiled with the baby that was there. They seemed to be having their own conversation and that sparked one among the adults.

"Hey yuh know say when yuh a bwoy yuh never have so much sense!? A barber said to his customer. The man sitting in the chair was standing up at the same time trying to rid himself of the hair that was on him. He must not have realised the barber was talking to him so he didn't answer. The barber touched him and say, "Yuh nuh agree?"

The man responded frighteningly, "Oh a mi yah talk to? Hush man never did a realise. Yeah a true man dem yah pickney nowadays ripe bad."

A little baby choked on some water she was drinking, "Ahem! Ahem!" said the same barber as he laughed! "All dat mi nuh know how it work but it always make dem stop cough up!"

I laughed. He was having a field day or the little baby girl was making him reminisce. I just sat and observed and wondering why another barber was taking so long with the person I'm waiting on. "Hurry up nuh and stop gwan like yuh wah live in him face!" I joked around. He responded saying, "Mi haffi take me time and make sure it stay good!"

"Well yuh on my time so hurry and finish," I said as he shook his head and laugh, "Yuh nuh easy enuh! A long time me nuh see yuh doh yuh all look different"

big conversation

Hear me with my hypocrite self, "Yeah fi real man. Long time!" In my mind I'm like 'Okkk then! Dont even know the dude or remember him but ok!' Not the first and wont be the last. Lol I'm sure you guilty of it too ... Running into people who swear they know you; all hold big conversation and when they walk off you say, 'A who dat?'. A lie me a tell?!

Two young men came in the shop and had everybody laughing as they had a contention to say who the toddler liked better. Smh! And mi did think a only gal pickney act like dem nuh have no sense and do chupidness! One of the guys jeered the other one to say, "Si mi a tell yuh my yute because I'm a father that's why she like me more."

The other one replied, "Kmt is not because yuh a father kids always like play with yuh because yuh look like one of them!" We were laughing cause in truth and in fact he looked like a big over grown kid! lmao!

Feeling defeated he tried to get the barber on his side, "Dadda tell him how it go nuh! Don't the kid intuition tek to me better because I have kids?!" The barber didn't have much of an answer, he just laughed.

They were ready to leave, the baby waved bye and that was another story! Lawd gosh! They argued about which one of them the baby was telling bye. I guess the child was smarter than they were next time they did it to see who she would wave to; she waved both hands. Everyone was rolling over! Smart baby girl!

Walk good live good!

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