Fass & Curious: An exotic affair at Shades


May 02, 2016
Contributed Miss Shades Exotic Dancing Queen 2016, Lady Kiki

Mi say, mi Fass & Curious peeps, Miss Shades Exotic Dancing Queen 2016 was a good look this year ... well for most parts dem a try, so I was impressed with the little improvements. Yuh know mi haffi give Caesar what is due, but if him don't deserve it not a red cent!

Surprisingly, the patrons were out in their numbers early. Hmmm surprisingly!! We Jamaicans have a fashionable tendency to be late; even to wi own funeral. The decoration was up on fleek, and whoever did the sketch work for the event did an amazing job. The way the words jumped off the cloth in a 3D fashion had me fooled for a second. I seriously had to put my glasses on to convince myself it was just words on cloth.

MC Tutu stepped out with her usual vivacious fluffly self, but looked slimming in her black boots, pants, and corset. Lawd Tutu, yuh never affi a gwaan so! Dah outfit deh and di hairstyle doh ... shaaat! Bad Boy Trevor yuh never did look bad either in you white and burgundy! Him and Tutu work well together as the crowd always seemed entertained with dem almshouse!

Big up to the trainer, the opening piece was impressive!! The girls' energy was up and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Between you and the event planner though; I'm daring you to put some time management in order! Man, the show too blasted long, like unuh a run competition with Sunfest. Unuh fi stop it! The breaks were long but the crowd didn't mind as the DJs represented well. They were raving the whole time. It was funny when he said, "If yuh man give yuh problem, throw some gramazone in his food, go outside look to the sky and say ... . He then played Kym's (formerly Gaza Kim) Amen (get this boy outa mi life). Laughing pwile!

I'm glad for events like these because it's the only way I know what going on in the world it seems. So there is a new dance name Breadfruit, WTH??! What else unuh ago mek dance afa? Sausage/Ole foot/ TV/ bed??! Like I can't keep up!! What hot, adi same moves dem a rotate wid different names LMAO!

The introduction segment is one of my favourite segment as I look forward to what the girls wanna become when they old and grey. Oh Lord, everyone had some extraneous ambition except for the winner, who was the most realistic and said she want to become a dance instructor.

The overall show was good! I had a chance to see the resurrection of the Digicel Rising Star Khalil! Is weh unuh did deh? Big up to the performers, y'all did yah thing! Special shout out to the winner Lady Kiki, although some of the dancers obviously bad mind yuh, be proud! You put a lot of thought in the competition and it showed. The crowd loved you so all who say a bias, tell dem a bey!!! Gossip Chica out! Walk good!

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