From carpet to corporate ...Chi Ching Ching moves from dancing to music

May 05, 2016
Chi Ching Ching
Chi Ching Ching
Chi Ching Ching

It's the beginning of a new month and our STAR of the Month for May is the incomparable, effervescent Chi Ching Ching.

For the next few weeks, Jamaicans will get the chance to familiarise themselves with the energetic personality who brought them hits such as One Knock, Get There, Way Up and, most recently, Breadfruit.

Before he got his big break in music, Chi Ching Ching was making the rounds in the dancehall as a dancer, and although it brought him a certain level of popularity in the streets, the entertainer knew that he was cut out to do more.

"When me go inna the streets, the amount a big dancers weh me see a dance fi make a name, me know me couldn't do dancing," said Chi Ching Ching, who was known for rolling out his red carpet at street dances. "First of all, mi anuh nuh big dancer so mi decide fi find a next strategy fi get my name fi call and a so comes mi start do music."




Though he admitted that music is his passion, the 6 feet 7 inches artiste told THE STAR that if he were not doing music, he would be modelling.

"I would be a model," he said. "People always see mi and seh mi have the model look, even the other day mi overseas and two white lady a run mi dung a ask if mi a model. So that's what I would be doing, and I also love acting."

Recalling some of his struggles, Chi Ching Ching says he is thankful for how far he has come as an artiste.

"Mi inna di streets and see song weh tek one week fi buss, one month, one year. Mi know everything bout the business from the streets, from the tar, and when you learn the business from the tar you appreciate it," he said. "That's why Chi Ching Ching stay so relax now, and nobody can behave like mi not doing well."

He went on to explain that at times when his dream of becoming a big name in the dancehall industry seemed distant, his passion for the music kept him going.

"It was really hard to break into this industry. Mi live a Golden Spring and mi a do a nine to five. Mi affi reach work 8'o clock in the morning and mi affi tek on the road," he said. "When mi lef my yaad a night time, mi affi leave before bus stop run 10'o clock because if it stop run mi nuh know how mi a go reach off a di hill, and mi do that fi five year straight because mi know wah mi did want."

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