Legal Wrangling: My girlfriend's lover threatened me


May 06, 2016

A fter living with his girlfriend for five years, a man was forced to end the relationship because of threats on his life.

He said he was in bed with his girlfriend when he heard a loud knocking on the door. He asked who was there and the response he got left him in shock.

"There was a loud knock on the door, as if the person was going to shake down the door," he said.

"I got up and asked who it was, and the response I got has left me in shock. I thought I was going to get a stroke or a heart attack. A male voice shouted, 'This is a warning to you to move out of the house and leave my woman, or else. I asked the person if that was a joke and he said, "ask the woman who is inside with you." My girlfriend heard the threat and began to cry.

"I asked her what was it about. She did not tell me. I could not sleep all night. The next morning, I, again, asked her what she had to say about the incident. She said she wanted her father and her mother to come to the house.

"I telephoned her parents and asked them to come. When they came she told me she was very sorry and ashamed for what she had done. She confessed that she was having an affair with one of her co-workers. She said he wanted her to leave me to live with him and she was afraid he might hurt me.

"I asked her who was the person and she told me. The next day I saw the man and asked him about it. He admitted he was in love with my girlfriend and I should just end the relationship. He said he did not want to hurt me so I should just break off the relationship before he got crazy and hurt me.

"I went home, packed my girlfriend's belonging and told her to leave. She begged me to let her stay but I told her I could not live with a cheater. She went to live with her parents. Every day she calls, begging me to take her back. I told her the relationship was over and I really mean it.

"Whenever, I see her lover, he curses me and points his hand in my face. He said it is because my ex-girlfriend is still in love with me that she does not want to come to live with him. What can I do to prevent this harassment?"

You should report the matter to the police. Ask them to warn him not to interfere with you. You can also consult a lawyer to apply for a restraining order to prevent the man from interfering with you. Once the order is obtained and served on him. If he continues to interfere with you, apply to the court for him to be jailed for disobeying the court order.

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